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Summer Workshops


This summer we are offering Sport Brighton members access to a series of workshops. There is no cost for these for current Sport Brighton members. Each one will have a weekly session for 5-6 weeks and will help you build your knowledge and practical experience of different areas of fitness. These are being run by our qualified team of Fitness Instructors and will take place at our Moulsecoomb gym and fitness facility. To express interest in taking part please complete the form at the end of this page. Places are limited. 

Our workshop themes are below:


Speed Strength: Plyometric explosive training for Sport

Instructor: Fin

Duration: 6 weeks

Start date: Tuesday 18th June 10am (1.5 hours every week)

Whether you train for athletic performance or self-sufficient movement, you may have the need for speed. Speed strength is the most important quality that’s probably missing from your routine:

  • In sport, it can be the difference between reaching the objective first or not.
  • In life, it could be the difference between climbing out of the armchair or not.

Daily life and basic gym routines provide us so few opportunities to develop this quality – this weekly workshop will give you the tools to develop explosive power and athleticism, equipping you for the road ahead.


Level Up Your Run: Strength & Conditioning for Endurance Sport

Instructor: Pat

Duration: 5 weeks

Start date: Friday 21st June 9am (1 hour every week)

Level up your run. Join our strength & conditioning Workshop for runners. Enhance performance, prevent injuries, and run stronger than ever. Each session will have a mixture of theory and practical. The practical session will include progressions and modifications to cater to individual fitness levels and goals. Participants will be encouraged to ask questions and seek guidance on integrating strength and conditioning into their running routine.


Athletic Aesthetic: Split training routines for optimal performance and physique

Instructor: Will

Duration: 5 weeks

Start date: Thursday 27th June 9am (1 hour every week)

Join Will for a detailed analysis of maintenance calories, calorie deficit for fat loss, and calorie surplus for muscle building. An in depth dive into nutrition and nutritional habits. A look at workout splits for optimal performance and results. The workshop will also provide you with a physique analysis.


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