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Moving Forward Divsional Plan





We are all proud to present our divisional plan, ‘Move Forward’, for sport and physical activity at the University of Brighton. Here we set out our new mission: to enable active communities, healthy lives and sporting journeys.

Move Forward will ensure that sport and physical activity remains high on the agenda at the university and a central part of the student experience which for many forms part of their identity whilst at university. Move Forward builds on existing insight into the needs and demands of students and staff, maintains excellence in core delivery and identifies fundamental step improvements that has the potential to make a sustainable and positive impact on the lifestyles, experience and wellbeing of our internal and external communities for the better.

Whilst we will maintain our focus on supporting the journeys of our students, we will enhance the provision for all our members including those from the local community who engage with us on a daily basis.

After such a difficult 12 months we are all eager to recover, reset and Move Forward collaboratively in ‘providing sport and physical activity opportunities that meets the needs of different people’ (Sport England, 2021).

UoB Squires

Barry Squires

Head of Sport

University of Brighton 


We will use sport and physical activity as a catalyst to raise the University’s profile, become more influential and extend our reach within the communities we serve whilst having a strong focus on quality and improvement in helping the university to achieve its strategic aims.


Sport Brighton exists to enable active communities, healthy lives and sporting journeys.



Being actively engaged in what we do and creating healthy futures is central to our philosophy. We will always be mindful in understanding our audience, engaging with wider colleagues and proactive in developing others whatever their journey.


We’re committed to developing and nurturing a diverse community, that supports not only inclusion in the university but through the impact of our activities in local, national and international communities.


Partnership is at the core of who we are. Through partnership we create distinctive sport and physical activity programmes, we share and disseminate our knowledge and experience to assist others and create mutual benefit to our city, our region and globally.


We recognise and value the critical importance sustainability has for the future of our students, staff, partners and community. Sustainability will be highly valued, underpinning decisions we make and the activities we do, now and in the future.


Nurturing creativity is key to ensuring we continue to grow and develop our activities. We’re committed to creating new and exciting physical activity opportunities for our students, staff and community.


At the very core of Move Forward is the belief that inclusion and participation in sport and physical activity is a positive thing. It not only directly benefits an individual’s wellbeing but develops wider social networks.

Sport Brighton has developed six priority areas which will enable us to achieve our overall objectives whilst supporting the university strategy. All objectives are underpinned by milestones and metrics for success aligned to departmental and staff delivery plans.

We will create an environment for our students, staff and local communities to ‘Move Forward’ on their sporting journey.



Contribute towards enabling the university to become the University of Choice


We are all very aware of the context of greater competition for students with the majority of institutional income being driven by central levels of student recruitment so we recognise we have a role to play in this. To aid our future security and continual investment into sport and recreation we will all ensure we understand and continually embed recruitment, retention, progression and employability across all our delivery pathways.


A. Opportunities for all

B. Enhancing the experience

C. Recruitment

D. Cross institutional engagement

E. Remaining relevant




Building communities and foster belonging


Create, promote and deliver an active culture that enables people to belong and succeed at whatever is the appropriate environment for them. With the benefits of greater health both physical and mental.


F. Creating Communities

G. Identity

H. Inclusive and Accessible

I. Health & Wellbeing




Enhance employability opportunities helping to shape the professionals of the future


Sport has a fundamental role to play in the progression and employability of students by providing career enhancing opportunities through taking part in sport, through sport volunteering or by offering the potential to gain additional vocational qualifications and direct work experience. Additional competencies including the development of values, positive behaviours and attitudes to complement the academic experience. As an employer Sport Brighton looks to continually develop and value its workforce. As a leisure provider we also facilitate sport related courses to benefit the wider community.


J. Opportunities

K. Outreach

L. Future ready

M. Training & Development




Empower people to find their place and achieve their full potential


We want to make it easier for people to enjoy being active at whatever is the appropriate level for them; be it regular competitive sport or social drop-in wellbeing activity classes.


N. Reward and recognition

O. Scholarships

P. Student Clubs

Q. Health & Wellbeing




Ensure financial and environmental sustainability


Financial sustainability is critical for the university in the current environment of uncertainty over student fees, cost savings and wider economic factors. Whilst Sport Brighton does generate a healthy income there is more that could be done to ensure we can realise our ambitions and maintain sustainability of our services whilst reducing our reliance on central university funding. Sport Brighton will review all it’s services to ensure it actively contributes to the university’s desire to meet its ambitious environmental targets.


R. Financial

S. Demonstrating value and raising profile

T. Business Growth

U. Environment & Sustainability



The day to day implementation of the divisional plan will be led by the Head of Sport supported by the Sport Brighton senior management team. The management team will liaise with key partners across the University such as Brighton Students’ Union, Student Operations and Support Services, Academic Schools, University Executive Board and external organisations and agencies such as Active Sussex, sport and physical activity strategic groups, local authorities, schools and colleges.

An Annual Action Plan (AAP) will be compiled by the Sport Brighton senior management team in consultation with key partners, focussed on achieving the priorities identified within the Divisional Plan on a step improvement basis. This will be underpinned by staff accountabilities and links to individual Staff Development Reviews.

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