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The sports scholarship scheme is designed to help students develop their full sporting potential by giving the necessary flexibility and support required to train and compete at the highest level whilst achieving an academic qualification.


Recent Sports Scholars

  • Benjamin Hickling
    Benjamin Hickling

    MSc Strength & Conditioning

    Sport: Weightlifting

  • Maria Luke
    Maria Luke


    Sport: Shooting

  • Mia Soman
    Mia Soman

    Interior Architecture

    Sport: Pole Vault

  • Blair Hamilton
    Blair Hamilton

    PhD Sports Medicine

    Sport: Football

  • Michiaya Gee
    Michiaya Gee


    Sport: Karate

  • Ketan Srivastva
    Ketan Srivastva

    BA (Hons) Physical Education

    Sport: Athletics

  • Reuben Andrews
    Reuben Andrews

    Media Production

    Sport: Running

  • Robin Casey
    Robin Casey


    Sport: Climbing

  • Herculas Pretorius
    Herculas Pretorius

    Mechanical Engineering BEng

    Sport: American Football

  • Lauren Roberts
    Lauren Roberts

    Post Graduate Teaching

    Sport: Hockey

  • Max Skelton
    Max Skelton

    Sport Studies

    Sport: Table Tennis

  • Rebecca Pascoe
    Rebecca Pascoe


    Sport: Rugby

  • Syrine Mali Jebtou Dit Jari
    Syrine Mali Jebtou Dit Jari

    Physical Education

    Sport: Handball

  • Comfort Yeates
    Comfort Yeates


    Sport: Gymnastics

  • Graihagh Guille
    Graihagh Guille

    PHd Environment

    Sport: Shooting

Scholarships and the value awarded to individuals depend on the athlete’s current competition level and the number and quality of overall applications that year. Minimum requirements for applying are to be competing at regional level competition. If you would like more information about our scholarships and applying then contact us. To be eligible for a scholarship you must be a student or have an unconditional or conditional offer from the University of Brighton. Scholarships are open to a range of widely recognised sports and include disability sports.

*Limited places are available on our scholarship programme*


Sport Scholarship Students will receive access to the following:

  • Free access to the Sport Brighton gyms
  • Financial support (up to £1000 for that year)
  • Performance T-shirt
  • Access to workshops (nutrition, fitness training, technique analysis and sports psychology)
  • Strength and Conditioning support
  • Physical Performance testing
  • Reduced rate access to physiotherapy support 
  • Reduced rate access to sport massage treatments
  • A mentor to help with lifestyle management
  • Access to University of Brighton sports coaches (where available)
  • Links to external clubs through our extensive partnership network


 tass Dual Career Accred BLUE Logo

The University of Brighton is Dual Career Accredited by TASS. For more information about the scheme check out the video here.


Our overall scholarship programme is supported by donations to university. Details of this can be found here. We also award a scholarship(s) for field hockey each year. The Davidson-O’Connor Sport Scholarship is a one-year award for a female or female identifying, student studying at the University of Brighton who is participating in field hockey at an elite or talent level. The award is made possible by donor and alumnae, Dr Judith Davidson, in memory of fellow alumnae Maureen O’Connor who played field hockey for England. 



How to apply

Applications are open between January and July for the following academic year. Complete our online application. Use this form if you fulfil the criteria for either our general scholarships or the Davidson-O'Connor Sports Scholarship. If you are looking at this after July please register your interest, there may be some support we can provide. 



Contact us

Our University of Brighton staff team support our scholars. We also bring in the services of others professionals to deliver  other sports related disciplines to maximise the support we can offer. For more information about the sports performance programmes contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..