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Direct Debit Cancellation or Pause

Please complete this form if you wish to cancel your direct debit or pause your direct debit payment for one month. We can only cancel or pause payment if this request is made before the 26th of the month (* In December forms must be received before 20th December).

Cancellations - Please also cancel your direct debit directly with your bank.

Pauses – Pauses in membership can be made for one full calendar month for the following month (ie if you complete the form between 26th January and 25th February, your Pause month will be for March.) The resume date will automatically start from the 1st of the following month.

Assuming you cancel or pause before 26th of the month* your next payment will not be taken on the 1st of the month after submitting this form. If it is received after this deadline you may have one more payment taken before it stops/pauses.

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If cancelling please also do this with your bank. If pausing you can only pause for the next calendar month.

Please let us know your name.

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Please let us know your email address.

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Please put your month and year of birth: mm/yyyy

Please write a subject for your message.

Students and staff only. This can be found on your UniCard/ Membership card and is clearly labelled. This is NOT your student number. It normally starts with 00 followed by 6 numbers.

Your UniCard number can be found on your UniCard/ Associate Member Card and is located under your issue number as shown.

This is different from your student number.


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