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Buddy Scheme

What is the Buddy Scheme?

The Buddy Scheme is in place to create a welcoming, social and friendly vibe at Sport Brighton sessions. Buddy Scheme Mentors accompany fellow students to sessions to help boost their Buddy’s confidence and alleviate any worries they may have of attending a Parklife session on their own.

The aim of this scheme is for current University of Brighton students (our Buddy Scheme Mentors) to be matched with new and current students who would like someone to attend Parklife sessions with (our Buddy Scheme Members). Buddy Scheme Mentors and Members will be paired with someone who is interested in taking part in similar Parklife sessions as them. Pairing will begin following A Level Results Day in August, but you can apply to get involved now!

Being part of the Buddy Scheme will involve attending Parklife recreational sports sessions with your buddy. The timetables for these sessions (which cost £1 each), can be found on our website here. You and your Buddy can also join us at our events throughout the year including our Parklife Ice Skating event!


Buddy Scheme Mentors

Buddy Scheme Mentors are the most important part of this programme! We’re looking for friendly individuals who can relate to others and create a comfortable environment at the sessions. There is no requirement of being ‘fit’ or ‘sporty’ yourself, just enthusiastic and keen to support others. You will be paired with a Buddy Scheme Member for the year and join them at Parklife sessions and one-off events. The amount of time that you commit can be flexible, depending on your timetable and availability. This is a social and fun position that you can add to your CV and will enhance your whole university experience!


Buddy Scheme Members

  • Don’t know what to expect?
  • Can’t convince any of your mates to join you?
  • Want to try something new but you’re a bit unsure?
  • Just fancy having someone else to hangout and exercise with?

If you’re keen to have someone attend a Parklife session with you, whatever the reason, make sure to get involved as a Buddy Scheme Member.


Get involved

To get involved with the Buddy Scheme (either as a mentor or a Member) complete the following application form.

If you have any other questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.