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University of Brighton Ski and Snowboard Club aka UBSSC is the biggest clubs at the University of Brighton and arguably the most exciting. The club are adamant that they can get you into university snowsports, whether you’re a freestyle / race pro or just someone that’s interested in learning. Ability does not matter in the slightest – everyone is here to have fun and remember; ski trip never ends.

The club runs fortnightly socials at our sponsored bar, beginner lessons, race training and competitions and freestyle events throughout the year.


Bronze OffSite Student Club Membership Badges5



Costs: £5 a year. Addiitional student contribution required for BUCS individual events.

Bronze off-site members access personal injury insurance.

Buy your Sports Federation Membership here once you know you are taking part in club activities.

You can take part in as many clubs as you like and can fit in. You only need to buy one membership which should be for the club that  requires the highest category membership. So if you do both a Silver and Bronze Off-Site club then you just need a Silver card. You need to buy a membership after your first session. Contact Sport Brighton if you have any questions.




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