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COVID-19 | Sport Brighton Service Updates

Please use this page for updates relating to COVID-19 operation. Any further changes and updates will appear here. We look forward to welcoming you to our facilities. 


We are currently open at our Eastbourne and Falmer Sports Centres. See below for details of our services and what to expect. 





See our guide as to what to expect:

Please note we have updated the exit point for swimmers. This is now through the door at the far end of the pool by the spectator area/ gym corridor oposite the lifeguard chair.

Please ensure you wear your face coverings prior to entering all Sport Brighton indoor public areas. 




See our guide as to what to expect:

Please ensure you wear your face coverings prior to entering all Sport Brighton indoor public areas.


We currently do not have a date for our Cockcroft facility to open. Given its size and nature the current guidelines do not make it viable to open currently. Existing Cockcroft users should use our Falmer Sports Centre as an alternative. To note we are due to open a new gym and fitness facility at our Moulsecoomb Campus by the end of 2021. 

Updates will continue to be on this page. 




Frequently Asked Questions 

We have worked hard to plan how we can reopen safely and provide you, our valued customers, with the reassurance we know you need to come back.

Below are the core principles we are working to for the safety of our customers and staff:

Asset 53x  
  • We ask that you only attend our facilities if you and those in your household are symptom free. 
 Asset 23x
  • All sessions will be bookable online including gym and swim sessions.
  • Our systems have been updated to mean you will no longer need to report to reception prior to booked activity sessions. Just use your membership card five minutes before your session to register your attendance. 
  • We recommend arriving ready for your activity five minutes before it is due to start.
 Asset 33x  We have put in place a number of measures to help you keep your distance: 
  • Advance booking of activities. 
  • One way systems and separate entry / exit points. 
  • Activity specific queuing systems.
  • Programming to control the flow of people.  
  • Utilising every other gym kit item.
  • Class activities socially distanced utilising larger spaces where possible. 
 Asset 13x
  • We have put sanitising stations throughout our facilities. This includes hand sanitising as well as cleaning items to help you wipe the equipment you are about to use for your own peace of mind. 
Asset 43x
  • We will have staff and systems in place to clean common touch points and equipment.
  • We will clearly label items that need cleaning and items clean and ready to use.
  • We will be alternating the use of gym machines to enable regular cleaning and customer distance. 
  • Access to disposable cleaning tissue and sanitiser for customer use.
  • If using the gym we ask that you use cleaning items provided to wipe down each piece of kit after use to ensure cleanliness for other users.


Access to services 


Are you open and what services are available?


Eastbourne and Falmer

We are currently open at our normal opening times, booking is required for access to gym, swim and classes. All activity bookings have capacities reflecting the current government guidlelines and in consultation with the University. Initially we will need to limit our class programme and some classes may not be viable due to the nature of the session. Where possible we are moving classes to bigger venues to maximise capacity as much as we can. Casual bookings for sports activity are available where permitted by government guidelines. 



We currently do not have a reopen date for our Cockcroft facility. Given its size and nature the current guidelines do not make it viable to open currently. Existing  Cockcroft users should use our Falmer Sports Centre as an alternative.  


What won't be available?

We have made arrangements for those attending swimming sessions to utilise an area to remove and store their outerwear. You will be able to shower down after swim sessions only. Access to toilets and showers will be limited to a small number of people at any one time, room capacities will be clearly displayed on the entry points to these areas. Lockers will also be unavailable but we will provide non secure locations within your activity area to store items. We ask that you come with as few belongings as needed for your session. We have had to remove a very small number of items from the gym to accommodate the new guidelines. Sprinters in Eastbourne will not be open for non students and staff. 


How are you managing the number of people in your centre?

All our activity bookings will be programmed to limit the numbers of people arriving at the centre at any one time. All our activity sessions require pre-booking and have limited capacities. This includes gym, classes and swimming sessions. We are asking that you arrive just five minutes before your booked activity. Our centre is one way, so entry will be via the main doors and the exit will be designated fire exits for each room/ facility. This one way system will be clearly marked. 


What will availability of bookings be like? Are there any restrictions on what I can book?  

There will be a booking limit of 8 sessions a week for our members. We anticipate based on previous usage this should accommodate most users requirements. For example there will be 3000 gym slots available each week. Bookings will be made up to 7 days in advance. To ensure as many of our members have access to the sessions they want we are limiting members to only being able to book one like for like activity a day. You will for example be unable to book more than one gym session a day. However it will be possible to book a gym and a class session on any given day. This is to help maximise availability for all. Cancelations can be made up to 3 hours before the session. Late cancelation, failure to attend or arriving after 5 minutes of the session start time will result in a charge being made to your account equivalent to the non member session cost of that activity. We ask that you be mindful of the sessions you are booking as holding places will ultimately prevent others from booking on to these sessions. 


How do I make bookings?

Take a look at our video guide on how to register for our online booking service. If you have booked classes before then it is using the same system. The guide tells you how to register if you have not used it before, how to make bookings, what to do on arrival and cancellations. 

Further useful information:

  • If you have not registered before use the email we have on file for you. If you have been forwarded this email then reply to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to update your email address. 
  • Members can book 7 days in advance.
  • You can only book up to 8 activity slots in a week.
  • You can book multiple activities in a day but no two of the same activity. 
  • Be considerate of others when making a booking. Don't just hold bookings and then cancel them, this will prevent others from booking on. We will monitor cancellation frequency of our members. 
  • If you do need to cancel do so no later than 3 hours before the session. This can be done online. 
  • If you cancel within 3 hours, do not attend or arrive 5 minutes after the session start you will be charged the non-member rate for that activity. Let us know as soon as possible if there were circumstances beyond your control that led to a cancellation charge.  
  • Try to arrive 5 minutes before your booked session. 
  • All classes and swim slots are 45 minutes. Gym slots are 1 hour long. 
  • Online bookings can be made via: 

What will be the main changes to the gym?

On arrival to the centre you will need to queue in a designated area for gym sessions. You will be instructed to enter the gym by a member of staff when your session is ready. All sessions will need to be pre-booked. Sessions run for an hour and we have scheduled 15 minutes between each booked session to manage the flow of members and to undertake our cleaning programme. To maximise the number of sessions in a day we will be operating our first sessions from the earlier time of 7.15am. There will be 3000 bookable slots available for the gym per week. You will need to arrive no later than 5 minutes after your session start time. You may leave the gym at any point during your booked session. The gym sessions will alternate between red and blue sessions. Our machines such as bikes and treadmills will be colour coded so you only use the kit of your coloured session. Your session's colour will be shown on a board when you enter the gym. We ask that you clean the equipment you use before and after use. Spray and blue cleaning roll will be supplied. A one way system will also be present in the gym to avoid members crossing paths moving between equipment. There will be an open storage unit that you can put any items you need to bring in with you. Please try and avoid bringing bags or non essential personal belongings into the gym area. To leave your session you will need to leave through the fire exit door that will be signposted. Please ensure this door is closed behind you. Directions to get back to the surrounding roads will be clearly marked. If you have any questions then our instructors and staff members will be on hand to help answer your concerns or queries.


Are you still permitting training with a Sport Brighton approved personal trainer?

Yes, please contact your trainer.


What will be the main changes to classes? 

Sessions will be bookable as before. The timetable will be reduced to accommodate Covid 19 restrictions. Classes may take place in different larger venues to maximise the numbers that can attend given the need to socially distance. On arrival you will need to self scan your card at a terminal at the the reception desk. This will register your attendance for bookings you have with us taking place in the next 10 minutes. Join the classes queue in the foyer and you will be instructed when you can head to your classes location. On entering the class area head to the furthest available marker to the point of entry. Your instructor will put out any clean equipment you may need for that session. If you are attending a class such as yoga there will be a clearly marked area for clean equipment for you to pick up on your way to your marker. We do however recommend bringing your own items such as yoga mats and blocks if you can. If you would like to buy a mat for your sole use then we have sourced these at a great price for our members. When the session is over your instructor will advise you where to put any used equipment on your exit. You will also need to exit out of a marked fire exit rather than the main foyer. This will be sign posted. If you have any questions then our instructors and staff members will be on hand to help answer your concerns or queries. 





I’m a gym member, what happened since you closed?

Direct Debit (monthly) payments will be adjusted automatically so you will not pay for any periods we are closed. Any closure that affects a month already paid will have future payments adjusted to recoup pro-rata amounts.

Annual memberships have had expiry dates extended accordingly based on the facilities closure dates.

Ten cards will have an extended validity period.

Annual student memberships: For those who are graduating you can request a refund. Annual memberships for students who aren’t graduating will have extensions applied to next academic year.



Facility Bookings


Children's parties: 

We are now taking provisional bookings for childrens parties that would take place from after July 19th. We will reconfirm all provisional bookings once the governement have confirmed this as the permitted date for this type of activity. 


What facilities can I book?

We are operating in line with National Governing Body Guidance. If your activity is permitted then contact our sport bookings department via our online enquiry/ booking form.  


Contact us


What is the best way of contacting you?

Please check these FAQs to see if your question is answered before contacting us.

Our receptions can be contacted on the phone numbers below: 

Eastbourne: 01273 643706

Falmer: 01273 643520

In the event there should be a closure the best way to contact us is via email.

For facility and membership enquiries email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For sports federation and Parklife enquires you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Updates to this page will also be posted on our social media channels (InstagramFacebook and Twitter)