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Interested in cars, bikes and racing? Join Brighton University Motorsport Team and put your passion into practice. The club run karting events, simulator sesions (on a full motion platform with VR), and are looking to organise trips to race weekends. Have some fun and meet plenty of friends that share your passion for Motorsport.

The Motorsport Team is based in Brighton and competes in the British Universities Karting Championship. There is simply no other sporting event where novices and experienced alike will get the chance to compete against the very best. This championship is special - it is about making motorsport accessible and having lots of fun doing it. The club welcome you to join the University of Brighton team in the most intense, adrenaline fuelled, exciting student championship in the world. The club also hold biweekly social events, as well as the Club Karting Championship, a championship for any interested University of Brighton students held at local karting tracks over the academic year. 






Locations: Various

Type: Competitions and training

Details: We meet for practice sessions and competitions throughout the year.


The Roar