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Korfball is an exciting, fast paced game played in mixed gender teams. It is a cross between basketball and netball where teams attempt to score in their opponents basket (‘korf’). The pace of the game means it is great for your fitness as well as being lots of fun.








Locations: Sports Centre, Falmer

Type: Competitions and training

Details: We meet weekly to train for competitions.

For contact information for all our clubs see the table on our main Student Club page.



preseason pass


Costs: £15 for term one. Due to the situation with Covid-19 this membership is offered for BUCS clubs who will offer all inclusive participant opportunities in this sport for term one. Sessions will not be team coached but will be inclusive sessions run by the club. Should BUCS competition return then a top up fee will be charged for term two to reflect the shift to BUCS match play. Those not playing in the BUCS team will be given opportunities to continue to attend training.The cost of term two partcipation will depend on what is offered beyond term one.   

Term one pass members will have access to personal injury insurance for term one and club access to Sport Brighton facilities for sessions.

Buy your Sports Federation Membership here once you know you are taking part in club activities.

You can take part in as many clubs as you like and can fit in. You only need to buy one membership which should be for the club that  requires the highest category membership. So if you do both a Silver and Bronze Off-Site club then you just need a Silver card. You need to buy a membership after your first session. Contact Sport Brighton if you have any questions.



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