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RESULTS W/C 30.11.22

Some very good results this week as some of the Panther sides are showing league winning potential. The women's football 2nd team are currently top of their league with a 4-1 win against Chichester 2s following a 4-1 win. The women's Netball 2nd team also top their league after Brunel 2s conceeded this week's fixture. The men's hockey team are currently 2nd in their league having won all three games after an impressive 17-0 win over Queen Mary 1st team. Photo from the University of Brighton Women's Rugby win versus Hertfordshire. 


American Football Mixed 1st S2A         BUCS 2A
Badminton Men's 1st SE2A Sussex Men's 1 Brighton Men's 1 5-3 Loss BUCS 2A
Badminton Women's 1st SE2A Portsmouth Women's 1 Brighton Women's 1 4-4 Draw BUCS 2A
Basketball Men's 1st SE2A Sussex Men's 1 Brighton Men's 1     BUCS 2A
Basketball Women's 1st SE2A Portsmouth Women's 1 Brighton Women's 1     BUCS 2A
Football Men's 1st SE1A Portsmouth Men's 1 Brighton Men's 1  3-0 Loss BUCS 1A
Football Men's 2nd SE3A Portsmouth Men's 2 Brighton Men's 2 2-2 Draw BUCS 3A
Football Men's 3rd SE4A Portsmouth Men's 4 Brighton Men's 3  1-3 Win BUCS 4A
Football Men's 4th SE4A Brighton Men's 4 Canterbury CC Men's 2 1-6 Loss BUCS 4A
Football Women's 1st SE1A Brunel Women's 1 Brighton Women's 1  1-8 Win BUCS 1A
Football Women's 2nd SE3B Chichester Women's 2 Brighton Women's 2 1-4 Win BUCS 3A
Futsal Women's 1st PremS         BUCS 1A
Futsal Men's 1st SE3A         BUCS 2B
Hockey Men's 1st SE2A Queen Mary Men's 1 Brighton Men's 1 0-17 Win BUCS 2A
Hockey Women's 1st SE3A Brighton Women's 1 Essex Women's 1 1-2 Loss BUCS 2B
Lacrosse Women's 1st SE4A Chichester Women's 1 Brighton Women's 1 13-6 Loss BUCS 3A 
Netball Women's 1st SE6A Brighton Women's 1  Surrey Women's 3 57-28   BUCS 3A 
Netball Women's 2nd SE1A Brighton Women's 2 Brunel Women's 2 W/O Win BUCS 3A
Netball Women's 3rd SE1A Brighton Women's 3  Sussex Women's 2 32-57 Loss BUCS 4A
Netball Women's 4th SE3A Brighton Women's 4 Imperial Women's 4 W/O Win BUCS 6A
Rugby League Men's 1st SE2A Oxford Brookes Men's 1 Brighton Men's 1 48-12 Loss BUCS 1
Rugby Union Men's 1st SE3A Brighton Men's 1 Queen Mary Men's 1      BUCS 1A
Rugby Union Men's 2nd SE2A         BUCS 3A
Rugby Union Women's 1st SE1A Brighton Women's 1 Hertfordshire Women's 1 42-36 Win BUCS 2A
Tennis Men's 1st SE2A Brighton Men's 1 Reading Men's 1 0-6 Loss BUCS 3A
Tennis Women's 1st SE2A         BUCS 2A
Volleyball Men's 1st SE1A City Men's 1 Brighton Men's 1     BUCS 1A
Volleyball Women's 1st SE2A Kingston Women's 1 Brighton Women's 1 3-0 Loss