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Katie Parker

Ping pong kp

Performance Sport & Fitness Officer

Greatest Achievement: Winning the Richard Holmes UKSCA Emerging coach of the year 2015

Favourite Sporting Quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” Michael Jordan

Favourite Sport: Cricket & Lacrosse


Katie began her career with some sporadic coaching with the goal keepers at MK Dons, which led her to realise her dream of coaching elite level athletes. She went on to coach at Watford FC in their academy for four seasons, the club supported her application to return to University as a mature student.

During her time at university, Katie studied full time and worked two internships at any one time, some days completing a 250 mile round trip in order to study and work. In 2013 she had the opportunity to go abroad and coach Desales Mens Lacrosse team (NCAA Division 3), helping them to make the play offs for the first time in a season. This lead on to coaching the Welsh international Womens Lacrosse team upon her return.

Katie has worked within 4 County Cricket clubs (Divison 1 & 2) from academy through to Mens first team. Her experience within numerous sports has helped her to improve as a Strength and Conditoning professional, she uses this experience in her work at the University of Brighton.  She continues to run the Surrey women & Stars strength and conditoining programme.

She currently supports the Grenada National netball team, from distance, in hope of helping them to achieve commonwealth qualification in the near future.

2015 saw her most successful year, winning the "Inaugural Patrick Lawless Award" and "The Richard Holmes UKSCA Emerging coach of the year" award.


“I am excited to be working with some extremly talented athletes at University of Brighton. I have been incredibly lucky along my journey to becoming a strength and conditioning professional, being given the utmost support by my colleagues, authoritative bodies and educators. Within my role I aim to offer the same support I was given in hope it can help someone else to achieve their dreams and excel within their sport or career field. I cannot wait to see what my athletes and coaches achieve in years to come.”