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Personal Training

Ever wondered about the hype regarding personal trainers? It could be regular contact time, or just simply one hour with a qualified exercise professional that could hugely benefit your approach to training. There are many reasons why you may wish to consult with a qualified exercise professional:

  • You are not seeing results
  • You are not too sure what you are doing
  • You are bored of the same routines and exercises
  • You wish to be challenged
  • You wish to learn how to exercise on your own
  • You need motivation and accountability
  • You are training for a sport of specific event
  • You are overcoming injury
  • You want support and supervision during your training
  • You wish to know whether your training is actually working for you.

With Personal training, the emphasis is on you. At Sport Brighton, our trainers will conduct an initial physical assessment to use to create a personalised workout plan that attends the goals you set yourself. During these sessions is a great opportunity to learn about diet and lifestyle that can aid and accelerate your progress.

Cost: £30 per session approx (approx. 60 minutes). Sessions are run externally so please enquire as to current prices.


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