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University of Brighton Sports Awards 2018 - Nomination Guide

The nominations panel can only make the Award selections based on the application received. Therefore Sport Brighton have put together a handy guide to help you recognise the sporting commitment and achievements of your University of Brighton Sports Federation Individuals, Teams and Clubs.  

We recommend…

Planning Ahead:

  • Ideally you will have time to write it, go away and come back to it to proof read and edit. As with any kind of bid or request, if you aren’t demonstrating that you have put time and effort in why should the panel?

Choosing the right award:

  • Make sure you read the criteria properly first and write relevant content!

Involving others:

  • Proof reading will check spelling and that what you are saying is clear, concise and relevant. Remember, the panel may not know the nominee or your club so giving context is important, asking someone removed to read your nomination will help ensure this.

Doing the Prep:

  • Exactly why should this person win this award? If you can’t sum this up in your opening killer sentence then it means your argument is too woolly.


Nominating for an Award: Best Practice - For more in-depth help on how to write a successful nomination click here! 


Nominate Now


The nomination deadline is the 19th March; Please note that we will only accept nominations for people with full and correct names, no nicknames or straight from social media please!