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University of Brighton Sports Awards 2018 - Award Categories & Nominate

Select your chosen award using the descriptions provided. 

Click the relevant banner to make your nominations.

  • Remember if you are struggling to complete the nomination form then refer back to the guidance page for help.
  • You may nominate an individual, team or club for multiple award categories, requiring a spearate nomination entry for each relevant award category.

Nominations Dealdine: Monday 19th March


Outstanding Achievement

  • Any club, team or individual can win this award. They must have shown a big improvement or have done exceptionally well in their given sport, exceeding all expectations. This could be in terms of performance, club participation or any club activity.


  • Both competitive and non-competitive clubs are eligible for this award. A club may nominate itself or another club. The award is for outstanding excellence in every aspect of the club’s activities throughout the year. This could be in terms of performance, club participation, fund-raising, community engagement or a number of these factors.


  • The most successful team awarded for sporting achievement. A club may nominate a team of its own or a team from another club. This is based on success in terms of sporting performance and must be a singular team and not a club.


  • Awarded to a club, team or individual who through their involvement in sports activities has shown outstanding civic responsibility as demonstrated by contributions of financial resources and/or voluntary commitment of time.


  • To be awarded to the most successful coach of a sporting team at the University. Factors such as sporting outcomes and commitment will be considered.


  • To be awarded to a volunteer who has demonstrated commitment and dedication to internal or external sports groups.


  • To be awarded to an individual who has given exemplary service as an administrator to their team / club. This could be though ensuring health & safety, organising club activities and generally the behind the scenes support.


To be eligible for a full colour an individual must have:

  • Represented British Universities, Home Nations or National team
  • Given at least 1 years’ service to club or duration of course.
  • Played in 80% of all possible 1st team (or highest team on your campus) games (Team Sports Only) 
  • Finished in a top 3 position at a recognised national championships in a senior or advanced category (Individual Sports Only)


To be eligible for a half-colour an individual must have:

  • Represented BUCS divisional or regional squad
  • Played 80% of all possible 1st team (or highest team on your campus) games
  • Given at least 1 year service to club or duration of course